Captured Pixels offers a range of leading-edge digital marketing capabilities. We have a combination of Australian and off-shore (Eastern Europe, Sub-Continent and Asia-based) professionals so we can deliver your projects based on both your time and budgetary requirements. At the core of our skill portfolio is web design.

We’ve delivered over 50 websites for a broad range of clients. Our goal is to take advantage of the most appropriate technologies, based on your business needs, and provide you with a site which will exceed your expectations as well as those of your users. We’d like to see your target users consistently committing to your offering.

Technologies we use

Captured Pixels’ History

Captured Pixels began designing and developing websites in the year 2004. Since then digital marketing technologies have evolved substantially and the business has been a rapid adopter of new technologies so as to provide you with the latest and greatest marketing solutions. Back in 2004 the web presented the founder of the business, Andrew Haynes, with an opportunity to use both his creative marketing and software development skills.

Initial web design skills cultivated and utilised included HTML, CSS and JavaScript and these, and the Macromedia MX web design software suite (which has evolved to now be the Adobe Creative Suite).  These skills gave the business the opportunity to build an initial site for a mineral exploration company, one which was poised to float on the Australian Securities Exchange. That business successfully floated on the ASX and the site was well utilised by potential investors and current investors.

Captured Pixels History

Since then word of mouth saw the business develop over 50 different websites for a business in a range of industries including an electronic component distribution company, transport and logistics companies, an industrial filter distribution business, a partnership of two vascular surgeons, a physiotherapist, a vineyard, a surveying business, a freelance art educator, a charity, a strata management body’s intranet, a cosmetics company, a car racing simulator company, and, as could be expected, sites for a large number of mineral exploration and mining companies.

From 2012 we grew the team to include Graphic Artists and Software Developers so we can deliver you with far more than just websites. In 2014 the business is taking a more pro-active approach to growth and has actively been seeking new businesses to work closely with. It has commenced marketing the broadened capabilities to the Australian marketplace.

Meet the leaders of the team

Andrew Haynes

Andrew Haynes


Andrew has over 25 years experience in the technology sector working in roles which have included Marketing Management, Sales, Human Resources Management, and Pre and Post Sales Engineering Management. His experience in technical marketing spans 12 years. He has been a freelance website designer for 10 years and, during that time, he has designed over 40 websites.

He has a demonstrated ability to work directly with clients to ensure current offerings are in line with future market needs. He also has a strong ability to understand the technical challenges facing clients and bring together the capabilities to offer solutions to those challenges. Andrew holds a degree in Information Science and an MBA which had a focus on Marketing and Finance.

Jason Moss

Jason Moss


Jason has over 20 years industry experience in a range of hybrid technical and commercial roles and, in every one of them, he has deliberately taken on customer-facing responsibilities. He is the founding Director of Transfocus where, during the past 9 years, he has delivered outstanding Information Technology solutions to the Australian Transport and Logistics industry.

These positive impact and cost reducing solutions come about as a result of his ability to carefully listen to client needs and then bring together hardware, services and outstanding tailored software offerings, to deliver outcomes which exceed client expectations. Jason has grown the team size of Transfocus to 7 staff members and additional growth is imminent. Jason holds an Electronic Engineering degree. He has also successfully completed a course in Entrepreneurship.

Boris Todorović

Boris Todorović

Software Development Manager

Boris is a Software Developer and Architect with over 10 years' experience in building and managing software development projects. His specialities include building desktop, web and mobile applications with Microsoft .NET, and development for various mobile platforms (Windows Mobile/Phone, iOS and Android).

Boris has experience across a range of industries including transport and logistics, accounting, auditing, capital markets, strategic management, and business performance monitoring. He's managed software development and system integration projects and has been involved in strategic alignment and planning. He has built ICT strategic and operational plans and these were executed successfully.

Slobodan Kovačević

Slobodan Kovačević

Graphic Designer

Slobodan has extensive experience in graphic design, logo design, identity creation, company wide-branding, web site design and development, and graphical user interface design. He sees himself as a designer, not a decorator. He has a philosophy of not 'making things look pretty' but he puts content together in a way that is easy to use, is intuitive to navigate, and is aesthetically pleasing.

He’s a highly imaginative graphic designer with an excellent track record of producing a brand, starting with logo and moving through to developing the complete identity for a company or product. Slobodan's key focus is on developing a user experience that makes people feel extremely comfortable. He seeks ways to design experiences to be better than the last.

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If you’d like to add images of your staff, plant, equipment, inventory, or premises to both your digital and print marketing materials then we encourage you to take advantage of our photography service. We have the equipment to give you elite marketing collateral.

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