Graphic Design

form and function together,
each supporting and enhancing the other

Graphic design uses type, space and images to deliver visual communication.  There is both art and discipline in the selection, design and arrangement of visual elements so as to intuitively impart a clear and compelling message to your audience.

Although graphic design is a subset of visual communication (which involves bringing together words, illustrations, photos and turning into a complete visual message) our graphic design work considers and addresses the challenges of visual communication.

Graphic design is not only about how good your content looks but also about how it makes your users feel.

  • Logo design
  • Branding and identity
  • User interface design
  • Web design
  • Mobile application design
  • Business forms

Using our creativity we’ll help you, our client, to establish an identity which will resonate strongly with your audience. Branding is a way to communicate your message to your audience while stimulating their senses.

Leterhead, memo, bussiness cards, website and email signatures… we consider everything from a pencil to your warehouse.

We’d take delight in constructing you a new logo, the foundation of your identity, and the face of your brand in the eyes of your audience.

Visual communication is one term used to classify what our industry does. Logo design, as a subset, is all about communicating to your audience through an image, one that will represent your company, a product, a service, or even an individual.

Mobile application planing, construction and design

Outstanding mobile application (app) user interfaces are the ones that are designed not to get in the way of the user. By providing a workflow and structure that guides users through the interface, giving them only functionality that they need at any instant, contributes to a quality user interface. Our well designed mobile apps have no user distractions.  Your users will be able to achieve what they need to in a logical and timely manner. 

The benefits of one of our premium mobile app user interfaces include lowered training costs, minimal cost of support, and you’ll have delighted and highly engaged users, thus enhancing their perception of your business.

Web and user interface design

Our user interface (UI) design work will deliver the users of your next website, web portal, mobile devices or desktop software with an experience which is intuitive, polished and efficient.  Our focus will be on delivering your users with an exceptional experience by using our industry leading UI skills.

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