Would your digital marketing and/or your business operations work better if you also had a custom mobile application (app) for your customers or staff to use? We have developed a range of apps for both Apple and Google Android based devices and are keen to discuss with you the benefits of writing you a mobile app. We have experienced developers for both iOS (Apple iPad and iPhone) and Android and we have a solid track record of targeting both phones and tablets on these two leading operating systems.

Some of our mobile app developments have been stand-alone but many tap into data in our clients’ application databases. Those mobile apps also write to the clients’ databases when data is gathered by the mobile device. Our software development team is very experienced writing Android apps. and have developed a number of Google Map based applications which allow users to easily navigate to locations based on changing business requirements. We can also demonstrate to you the elegant iOS apps we’ve written.

Our key two competitive advantages with mobile apps are:

  • Our ability to integrate with your current system; and
  • Our stand-out user interfaces

We are very highly experienced with interfacing mobile apps with the database(s) of clients’ ERP systems, transport management systems and other database-based software.  We’ll build you a moblie app which will eliminate the double processing that can come about from building standalone mobile apps.  We will write your app so that there is regular but minimised communication between the mobile devices and your server software allowing your remote users current information on their mobile device throughout their working day and without burning a hole in your mobile data allowances.  At the same time your office workers will have access to up to date data based on the inputs of your mobile workforce.

More information on how your users can benefit from our leading-edge user interfaces can be viewed by clicking here.

For our mobile developments we often use the Xamarin platform as it:

  • Assists in fast app development; and
  • Enables your software to easily be delivered on both iOS and Android.
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