Is cost your key driver?

If so then we have an excellent track record of managing web design, graphic design, and web development projects where we use capabilities from regions of the world where labour is available at a lower cost. Here’s how: we are experienced project managers, we understand the challenges of design, we have excellent requirements gathering skills, we have established relationships with design talent from low cost areas of the world, and we are able to successfully bring these skills together to deliver you with quality designs on-time.

We use Teamwork to give you real-time visibility of the progress of your projects.

You should consider using Captured Pixels to drive your next design project because:

  • We have an existing team of tested off-shore web designers, developers and graphic artists;
  • We will scope your project carefully to ensure the deliverables are clear;
  • We can use either traditional or Agile project management methodologies;
  • We track your projects with Teamwork, a great piece of web-based tracking software, providing you with real-time visibility of progress;
  • We drive your project extraordinaily hard for on-time delivery;
  • We are have never had project cost over-runs and we’re determined to keep it that way;
  • We identify risks and mitigate appropriately;
  • We are motivated to make a very positive impression with our project management service so you’ll provide us with future referrals, as a number of our clients have done;
  • We have a proven track record of dealing with the multi-cultural challenges of projects which span across a range of countries;
  • We have talented and tested people ready to go in emerging graphic design and IT nations
  • We are experts at rapidly building cohesive project teams, teams with the skills and experience to address the most trying challenges, so that you enjoy well designed and timely designs; and
  • We’re very keen to take the pressure off you while delivering with you with quality low-cost designs.

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