Your website is a tool which can deliver:

  • Increased user loyalty;
  • An enhanced perception of your business;
  • An improved customer experience;
  • New ways to showcase your products and capabilities;
  • Cost reductions for your business;
  • Increased exposure of your offering;
  • Global reach;
  • New business opportunities;
  • New customer services; and
  • User commitment.

Your new website will benefit from Captured Pixels’ 10 years of web design and development experience. Your next site will provide your users with an experience which is second-to-none. We aim to deliver your customers/clients/users with a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and compelling web experience, one which will have them returning time and time again and making repeat commitments to you. We focus heavily on eliciting the response you require from your site’s users. Delivering your business with a website which gains user commitment is our primary goal, as we go about trying to exceed the expectations of those users. Users are both the people viewing the website and those in your business managing the site. We look at the usability of the site from both perspectives.

In optimising the user experience we have developed sites with a range of technologies including WordPress, Joomla!, Dreamweaver, custom PHP, Bigcommerce, Zen-Cart and Magento. We are very open to explore technologies which give you maximum user buy-in. To provide a world-best experience we are open minded researchers. Website technologies are evolving rapidly and we have been early adopters of sufficiently stable and modern web technologies. We carefully evaluate emerging technologies and assess their suitability for your new leading-edge website. You and your users benefit from our desire to utilise the latest stable technologies. To find out more on how we can help your business with our web design and development skills please click the Make Contact button below.

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Consultative Approach

When we engage with you we will aim to understand your key business goals and challenges before commencing a new website design and/or development. We work hard to earn your confidence so you reach a point where you are happy to share the subtleties and idiosyncrasies that make your business different – these are often your key points of competitive advantage and we’d like to ensure these are clearly communicated and are well reflected in your new website. Our extensive business experience has resulted in our clients benefiting from the insights we can offer with web design. We have a track record of taking our clients’ ideas and developing distinctive sites which encompass those ideas but we are diplomatic when we suggest why particular design directions may not be ideal, offering you more viable alternatives. We don’t forget who we are working for but we value open and bi-directional exploration of design ideas.

  Web Development

Do you need more than a passive website? Many websites are passive in that they provide your users with pre-determined information. We can substantially increase the functionality of your website by adding software to it, software which provides your users with a far more immersive and tailored experience.

Our web developments have included web portals – websites with appropriate software which draws data from external sources and user input and then processes that data and presents users with calculated information, often including graphics, all delivered simply to your users in a web browser. One such example is the Frequency Check site which was created by Captured Pixels for Audio Products Group, a division of Hills Limited.

  Responsive Designs

A new website designed to be responsive is one which adjusts to the device that your customers are using to view your site. Imagine your site’s text, titles, images and videos moving so that they fit within the size of each user’s specific screen – this is responsiveness. Advantages of a responsive site include a better user experience, it will improve your results with search engines, it will give your site a competitive advantage, you will gain higher user buy-in rates, and also increase sales from mobile users.

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  User Interface Design

User Interface Design is the design of websites, computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, and software applications with the focus on the user’s experience and interaction. Our goal of user interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals—what is often called user-centered design.

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Our Cloud Solutions

We offer a range of high reliability cloud services.  We can take away your burden of managing the physical IT hardware infractructure and provide cloud-based Linux and Windows servers.  We can also develop software for you which runs on our cloud servers. Our cloud services include website hosting, email hosting (IMAP, SMTP, POP3 and Exchange serever) and software application hosting.

We’d relish the opportunity to talk to you about our cloud solutions.

E-commerce Logos

  On-line Stores

Captured Pixels has proven capabilities in delivering e-commerce websites (or online stores) using technologies which include Bigcommerce, Zen-Cart, Magento, and WooCommerce, and we also have capabilities with NOP Commerce.

We have a history of developing e-commerce sites using our clients’ already-chosen e-commerce technology, and if we don’t have the internal experience with that technology then we bring in a contracted expert or we use our experience with other platforms to come up to speed with the technology rapidly. Using the nominated technology we develop a highly attractive store appearance providing you, our client, with a highly polished online store, one which delivers a compelling buying experience for your users.

We can also dovetail your e-commerce site into your current ERP system. We have identified off-the-shelf connectors between e-commerce platforms and ERP platforms but we also have the staff capable of developing appropriate software connector solutions when the off-the-shelf solution has functional restrictions, or it is priced prohibitively, or doesn’t already exist.

Captured Pixels offers you, our client, a full and comprehensive web service to maximise the satisfaction of your site users…

  • Content Management Systems – WordPress or Joomla? Either CMS gives you a clean and easy way for you or your staff to rapidly update your site.
  • Web Portals – giving your ERP or transport managenet system a whole new lease of life.
  • eCommerce (or online stores) – using technologies which include Bigcommerce, Zen-Cart, Magento, Woo Commerce and NOP Commerce.
  • Cloud Software Development – coding in C#/.NET and MS-SQL, Java, FoxPro, PHP and MySQL to give your site far broader functionality.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – ensuring your business appears high in search engine results including Google’s and Bing’s.
  • Domain Name Registration – let us help you secure a range domain names, be they a .com,, .net, or other domain names.
  • Web, Email and Cloud Hosting – services which include cPanel, IMAP and SMTP mail, Exchange Server and Office 365.